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Lawyer turned to a writer. Sounds familiar? Thanks to those kind of transformations we are lucky to understand better the law system and all the drama that surrounds big and not so big trials.
H. Terrell Griffin is part of the famous author’s club. He developed his trilling stories around the funny character of Matt Royal. His latest adventures were told in Chasing Justice that was released in September.
We are honored to have as a guest at Land of Books Mr. H. Terrell Griffin. Special thanks for arranging the interview to Mr. David Ivester from Oceanview Publishing.


– Mr. Griffin, what is your book Chasing Justice about?
– The protagonist, Matt Royal, is a highly regarded lawyer who, disgusted with the practice of law, retired early to Longboat Key, Florida, with the goal of becoming a beach bum. His friend the chief of police on the island calls Matt when the chief’s wife is arrested for the murder of a shady character with whom she is accused of having an affair that went wrong. Matt reluctantly comes out of retirement to defend the woman
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