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Mike Bove released in April his last book Stinger Maguire. The Crime novel received very good response from the readers with currently averaging 4.3 stars from 9 Amazon reviews. Our next featured author wrote a total of two books, all of them with the same main character Bruce DelReno. The third part is on process of production.


– What is your book Stinger Maguire about?
– Taryn Maguire is a golf pro who is murdered when he returns to his hometown in Arizona. He is called “Stinger” because he is proficient at a low, line drive golf shot called a stinger. Bruce DelReno, a retired postman and golf enthusiast, discovers the body. Bruce develops a unique relationship with the police since, it seems, people connected with the investigation and Maguire would rather speak with him. Secrets uncovered about Maguire’s past in the small town and his life on the PGA tour lead the police, and Bruce and his cohorts, in many directions. In the end, it is Stinger Maguire’s own secret that answers all of the questions. Bruce’s best friend Ben, an Apache Indian, provides some humor and wisdom, as does Genny, his wife.
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