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Sydney Jamesson made big impact with her The Story of Us books. Our next guest is working as an English teacher, who turns out to be a very good storyteller. She has five novels behind her and all of them received positive feedback by the fans of romance genre.
It’s a great pleasure to introduce at Land of Books Sydney Jamesson.


– Sydney, what is your last book Blue Hearts about?
Blue Hearts is the continuation of The Story of Us. It follows on from the trilogy and is the second part of the Into the Blue Series, following on from Blue Genes. It features Ayden Stone and Elizabeth Parker-Stone and is an exploration of the heartache that comes from forced separation. Fearing for her and their unborn twins, Ayden has sent Beth away for her safety, knowing he has the fight of his life on his hands to save himself and— more importantly—his family. He must do things he knows will jeopardize his marriage, but with his back against the wall, he has no choice. He must do … whatever it takes.
In staging their marriage break-up, Ayden must appear to return to his old ways; reestablish his playboy lifestyle and seemingly rekindle a love affair with a beautiful ex-girlfriend. Believing their marriage to be a sham, and unaware of his duplicity, Beth suffers emotional torment. Ayden’s reputation suffers and he appears to have everything; in fact he is close to breaking point too. He needs the one thing he cannot have—the only woman he has ever loved: Beth.
Enemies from their past close in, threatening their relationship and their very existence. With everything to fight for, he must make a stand to safeguard their lives and their love … or risk losing it all.
It’s an emotionally driven book, receiving excellent reviews.
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