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Melissa F. Miller already established as one of the top legal thriller writers on the planet. Her Sasha McCandless series continuing with a novella about the main character. The new title A Mingled Yarn was published in July and is standing solidly with average 4.8 Amazon stars from 30 plus reviews. Our next guest is USA Today bestselling author. It’s a great joy to welcome Melissa Miller at Land of Books .

Credits: Frances Civello Photography

Credits: Frances Civello Photography

– Melissa, what is your book A Mingled Yarn about?
– My latest release, A Mingled Yarn, is actually a novella that takes place between two full-length novels in my Sasha McCandless legal thriller series. This is the third novella I’ve written in this series. The novellas focus more on the characters’ personal relationships rather than the plot-driven thrillers. In this novella, Sasha is about to give birth, and the experience has her reconsidering her views on issues ranging from responsible gun ownership to working motherhood.
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