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Stuart Aken is one of the most interesting multi genres writers. He is capable to switch between fantasy, horror, thriller and erotica. We will present his trilogy A Seared Sky in the next lines. It’s a real pleasure to welcome our next guest.

– Stuart, what is your last fantasy trilogy A Seared Sky about?
– My original title for the series was ‘Skyfire’, but I discovered a number of other books had this as part of their title, so I opted for ‘A Seared Sky‘, which essentially says the same thing. The ‘Skyfire’ in the tale is a returning comet, linked as an omen to the major religion of the main characters on their quest to fulfil a sacred mission. Written from the points of view of 8 of the top players, the tale follows the progress of three couples as they face new ideas, physical dangers, strange customs and traditions, and the invisible but ubiquitous influence of the Mindtalkers, a group with a talent for telepathy.
The story deals with the themes of hypocrisy, loyalty and love, amongst others, but it’s told as an adventure quest involving travel over wild seas and distant lands. The protagonists encounter pirates, wild beasts, strange tribes, cheating traders, and natural events such as storms, volcanic eruptions and snow in the high mountains, as well as the rivalry and hostility of different cultures and alternative religions. A romantic thread runs through the tale as three of the male protagonists find their women in danger under varied circumstances. Strong women also find they must face real hazards in order to keep their beliefs intact.
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