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Alexandra Butcher a.k.a. A.L. Butcher released earlier in 2014 the second part of The Light Beyond the Storm Chronicles – The Shining Citadel. The British author writes fantasy, loves astronomy, history, animals, films and gaming. We’ve got a chance to speak with Lady Butcher for the products of her creativity and her great blog.


– Alexandra, what is your last novel The Shining Citadel about?
The Shining Citadel is the second in the Light Beyond the Storm Chronicles fantasy series. It follows the main characters, an elven sorceress Dii and Lord Archos as they seek out at first a missing elven artefact and later discover the lost Citadel. The world of Erana is a dangerous place; magic is illegal, punishable by death and elves are little better than slaves so an elven sorceress seeking out a lost elven city is a very dangerous proposition. There’s a lot of intrigue in the story, for the adventurers are not the only ones interested in the Citadel and what it might bring and not all their companions are what they seem. Truth are lies are turned on their heads, right and wrong are not clearly defined and at least one character has an epiphany. This is an exciting tale of heroes, monsters, forbidden magic, love, and betrayal.
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