Kendra Elliot started 2016 with a new release. Known, the fifth book of Bone Secrets series, debuted on January 19. The title climbed very fast the Amazon rankings, and, as expected, received positive feedback.

It’s a great pleasure to welcome back at Land of Books Kendra Elliot. She is one of those writers, who are very friendly with their readers and always is happy to hear from them. If you missed our first interview with the popular mystery and suspense author, check it out here.


– Kendra, Known was released few days ago. Tell us more about the book?

– Even though it’s the fifth book in my Bone Secrets series, KNOWN is a follow up to the third book, BURIED. My readers begged me to write more about a secondary character, Chris Jacobs, from that book. In KNOWN, Chris is being his usual reclusive self when suddenly finds himself at the center of a murder mystery.

– How tough is to keep the high standard with book #5 of your most popular series?
– TOUGH. Since so many readers begged for Chris to have a happily ever after, I put a lot of pressure on myself to get the book right and do him justice and please my readers. It was the hardest book I’ve ever written. I doubted every word I wrote. And my husband will attest that I was miserable during the months I wrote it.
– What is the secret of the successful switch between different worlds of your series?
– It all comes down to my love for Mason Callahan. After Chris Jacobs, he was my most requested character to have their own book. Once I started writing Mason’s book, I realized his story wouldn’t fit in one novel. I talked to my editor about it and she agreed he needed his own series. I like writing about him and Ava McLane so much, I think it comes across in the books and the readers enjoy them.
Targeted, Book 4 of Callahan&McLane series is coming on June 7. Would you unveil something about it?
– Many readers asked me to take it easy on Ava. I beat her up pretty bad in the first three books. So I deliberately turned my focus to Mason. It’s his turn to have his world turned upside down. Let’s just say his hands are figuratively tied in TARGETED.
– In our previous interview you mentioned about the launch of new series. I am not sure if you would like to share more details, but I am sure that your fans will appreciate any single hint about what kind of surprise you are preparing for them.
– I’m writing the first book in a new series right now. A MERCIFUL DEATH is the working title and the main character is FBI Special Agent Mercy Kilpatrick who readers will meet in TARGETED. These books will take place in the more rural areas of Oregon; exactly where Mercy does not want to work because of her past. Expect lots of murder, emotional trauma, and colorful characters.
– You’ve got three daughters. Do they have the writing talent of their successful mother and how they showed it?
– I just read this question out loud to my kids. They rolled their eyes. All their writing is done for school and schools have a knack for taking all the fun out of writing. They currently view it as a chore.
– What are the top three favorite ways of Kendra Elliot to relax?
– My most relaxing activities are reading and watching TV. Most of my TV watching is realty TV. I like House Hunters, Project Runway, and The Voice. For books, I autobuy Lee Child, Michael Connelly, and Harlan Coben.

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Facebook page

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  1. Kendra Elliot would you please, please, please continue the Mason C. and Eva M.. I know I and other readers want to read about the wedding and more about these wonder characters continued. Baby in the future for them?
    Hope you get this…These characters are such likable characters that it can’t be over in book four…Shocked and left hanging at the end. Please we need more on these two characters. 🍒🍒🍒🍒🌺🌸🌹🌷💐🍀🍀💘💘💗💖💔
    Aloha a huge fan of the series. It really can’t be over.

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