Pamela Nicole is the next young writer, who will be our guest. Her first published book in Amazon is 18-page essay Fit in or Fit out: That is the question. Let me introduce to you Pamela Nicole:


– Pamela, What is your last book Fit in or Fit out: That is the question about?
– The essay is about how, in the highschool years, most people lose themselves. I’d like to think we’re smarter than that. But we aren’t, so at least, we should be aware of what’s happening. Essentially, I talk about three things there: Self-Esteem, Labels, and The Lost of Identity. Those are the things I noticed the most around me when I was writing the work. More than informative, I think it’s a call to action for everyone, both teenagers, and adults.
– How you decide to write the story?
– Since this one is my first work of non fiction, it had a different approach than the one I’m used to. But I had to do it. It was a project for school. During that time, I was a bit resentful to my friends, because some, were letting the lure of popularity, get to their heads. I just didn’t get it. I felt weird. I did understand the attractive, but… I knew if I tried, it’d be ridiculous. So, I had all these words in my head. All those things I wanted to yell and make them understand they were awesome just the way they were.
Then, the opportunity presented, and I thought, “Yeah, why not? I’m already working on a novel, but this might be fun too.” I told my teacher the topic I’d chosen and he gave me that look of “As long as it isn’t about Global Warming.” That’s how this essay was born.
– What was the biggest challenge during the write up process?
– I think that mainly, it was organizing all what I wanted to say. Like I said before, it was for school, so I had to follow certain guidelines. It had to have that Outline page. So, I was forced from the beginning to plan what I was going to write. I consider myself a pantser, so you can guess it wasn’t easy. I had to cram everything in my head into a simplified structure of three main arguments and two supporting ones for each. That was all.
– Tell us something more about your main character? Is it close to someone from your real life?
– How much time you need to finish the story and to publish it?
– For this one, it took like six months from finishing, to publishing it. The first version of it took me two weeks, but then, when I decided I’d release it into the world, I added some things, and edited others.
– What about your previous book Foul Fairness?
– Oh, that one. Yikes. Foul Fairness is a novel, originally titled ‘Opal’. It was about a girl, Sam, whose sister, had committed a crime a long, long time ago. Because of that, her life was now in danger. Sam and her friends’ task was to dig into the past and prove Sam’s sister’s innocence.
I started writing the first draft in 2009, and finished it 2012. Currently, it’s retreated to a corner of my desk, waiting patiently until I recycle its ideas. It does have an interesting plotline, but I felt the characters just weren’t engaging enough. I don’t think Foul Fairness will be on sale again, but you will find the same plot line (Really excited about it), in the novel I’m working on now, called ‘Phoenix’, which is the prequel of ‘Wonderland in Flames’.
– Who are you?
– I’m a full time roleplayer. I cannot stop replying even for a day. I’m an International Business student, a daughter, a sister and a friend. My most important goal is to through what I write, be it non fiction or my beloved genre YA, reach people and that change their lives for the better – even if it’s just a little bit – like books from other authors have done for me.
– What are your writing habits?
– I try to write everyday. Seriously, I try. But I must admit I’m lacking two things: A solid schedule, and the will to let go of the internet. I write whenever I have the time, and the will to. A headache usually warns me when if I write, I’ll just spew a lot of nonsense. I also write in notebooks, since I can’t have the computer all the time. Notebooks help me get ideas, and just keep me creative. Then, when I get to the computer, I know more or less what I’m expecting. I listen to music very rarely while writing; only when it’s something very action-packed, or very sad, or very happy. Mostly, I listen to music to inspire myself, when I’m in the car, shopping or eating. It helps me visualize scenes.
– Are you satisfied by the sales of the book and do you plan another one?
– Well, I have to say I’m happy anyone at all is reading it. I’m technically a newbie, so I didn’t expect a super high traffic and readers falling over themselves to buy the book. So, I am happy. It means it’s not only me (or my family) that are interested in this topic. And as for another one… I don’t think I’ll be writing another essay soon. But I am planning on finishing a memoir next year, and also my fiction series: Wonderland in Flames.
– What are you doing to promote by the best possible way your book?
– Mostly, using Twitter, and connecting with other writers. It’s a fun way to network, and market at the same time. I also have recently created a blog. And, I plan on popping out on other blogs as well. 🙂 I’m considering Fit In or Fit Out as my little guinea pig. I’m experimenting with what works and what doesn’t when it comes to promoting a product. Hopefully, I’ll learn from this and start getting familiarized with the ways of the publishing industry.
– Which are the Top 3 most interesting things to see in Ecuador?
– Oh, my small, lovely corner of the world. For anyone who is planning to visit, I’d point them directly to the Galapagos. Those are a must see, definitely. Second, probably it’d be the city of Cuenca. There are a lot of hand-made products there and the people is really warm and happy to receive tourists. And lastly, I’d say the beaches. I’d recommend, Salinas, Atacames, and if you like to party, Montañita. Of course, those are where the hotels and restaurants are, but there are plenty of deserted ones where you own the place.
– You are young author, what are the things that you need to learn in order to improve as an writer?
– I need to learn to ignore distractions. I know I’d be more productive and would have finished at least two novels by now if I let the tv series and the internet alone for a while.
– If you may ask yourself one question in the interview what it will be? (Don’t forget to answer)
– Huh, that’d be: Have you ever considered giving up or think it may happen in the future?
And the answer is yes, and no. I’ve considered closing the book file, closing the windows, and then shutting off the computer to go watch TV or something. But, I can’t. I just can’t picture myself doing anything else. If I’m not successful now, well, shoot! But, I certainly won’t get anywhere if I quit now. I mean, I want to see my stubborn, opinionated Blaze in the big screen someday. I want to hear someone say. “Yeah, who cares about what the rest thinks? I’m gonna be myself, screw the rest.” *coughs* Hey, one can dream. I know this is the ultimate writer’s dream. But, it’s true. It gives me something to hold on to. So I’ll keep trying. I’ll be here, learning.

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