I am not sure if Milo James Fowler is the next Jesus, if you are still thinking of the headline of the interview, but he is doing very well as an author of crime noir and sci-fi. Let’s take a look around his works and his person in our next Q&A.


– What is your last novelette Girl of Great Price about?
– In a city run by a powerful mobster, nobody wants to play the hero. Private investigator Charlie Madison just wants to pay the rent.
When a little girl goes missing and no ransom demand is made, Madison takes the case. Time isn’t on his side. After 48 hours, it’s unlikely an abducted child will be found in one piece. But Madison’s a champion of lost causes, and he’ll be damned before he gives up on her—even if it means putting his own life on the line.
As the mystery unfolds, Madison learns a bizarre secret that seems too impossible to believe. But it could explain why the girl was kidnapped—and why she might still be alive.

– How did you decide to write the story?
– I started writing Charlie Madison detective stories when I was a kid. They weren’t very good. During Write1Sub1 back in 2011, I came up with an idea for my first Charlie Madison tale in decades, transplanting him from 1930s New York City to a gritty, future noir setting. Once I started writing Girl of Great Price, I couldn’t stop. It was that much fun.
– What was the biggest challenge during the write up process?
– I wanted to incorporate the tropes of the ’30s and ’40s detective stories, but I also wanted the setting to be in the future. It was a challenge to merge past and future elements, but I enjoyed the process.
– Tell us something more about your main character? Is it close to someone from your real life?
– He’s part Philip Marlowe, part Dan Holiday, part Dixon Hill — but he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s a world-weary veteran who’s seen more than his share of war, an intrepid investigator, and a good guy with a heart of gold. He’s a little like my dad, personality-wise.
– How much time did you need to finish the story and to publish it?
– I drafted it in a week and spent about a month polishing it up. I sent it to Criminal Element, expecting to receive a polite rejection letter. Instead, I received an email from Claire Eddy from TOR Books telling me that she’d been assigned as my editor. I was floored. It was an incredible experience to work with her, and I’m very happy with the final product. Girl of Great Price first appeared in the Girl Trouble anthology from St. Martin’s Press. Now the rights have reverted to me, and I’m making it available as a standalone.
– What are your most successful books and short stories?
– My Charlie Madison stories have done well. Immaterial Evidence follows the events in Girl of Great Price and is available wherever eBooks are sold. Yakuza Territory, the third in the series, will be released by Musa Publishing on November 7th.
– Who are you?
– I’m a child of God who’s been teaching for 15 years and writing for 26.
– What are your writing habits?
– When I’m in the middle of a project, my goal is at least a thousand new words a day. When I’m revising and editing, my goal is closer to five thousand words a day. It varies, of course, depending on how many essays I have to grade. I do most of my writing in the evenings and during the summer months.
– Are you satisfied by the sales of the book and do you plan another one?
Girl of Great Price did well during its first couple weeks, and sales continue to trickle in. Immaterial Evidence and Yakuza Territory are good to go. The fourth episode in the series, The Gifted Ones, is currently in the outlining stage.
– What are you doing to promote your book by the best possible way?
– I’m continuing to write more stories in the series so that when readers get into it, they’ll want to read all of the Charlie Madison detective tales they can get their hands on.
– You are working as a teacher. What do you think about the current reading desire of the young generation?
– Reluctant readers are always an issue, but I’ve noticed more of my students enjoying the books they’re reading. Many of them have gotten into various popular YA adventure series, reading the books and seeing the movies. It does my heart glad to see my students with their noses in good books.
– How important are the social medias in our days to keep the hype around an author?
– Blogging has been invaluable — meeting other writers and working together to promote our work. I’m not sure how effective Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ are, but I continue to use them, just in case. All it takes is a few binge-readers/super-fans to discover your work and start spreading the word. Heard of this Fowler guy? His stuff ain’t half bad!
– If you may ask yourself one question in the interview what it will be? (Don’t forget to answer)
– Do you have a monthly newsletter with updates on new releases and exclusive promotions?
Yes indeed! Join The Crew, see other worlds:

Check out more about Milo at his Web page
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Take a look at his works
Girl of Great Price
Unseen Things
Beneath the Surface

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